Batman: Arkham Origins dev Splash Damage reveals new Dirty Bomb trailer

Splash Damage, best known for their previous work with Batman: Arkham Origins, Brink, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, announced they were returning to their hardcore roots with Dirty Bomb back in 2012. Today, the developer has released a new trailer.

Dirty Bomb is being touted as a “fast-paced, asymmetrical team play shooter” where players will fight in a completely abandoned London, which suffered from an unknown disaster, leaving the International Crisis and Disaster Agency to clean up remnants from the disaster and decontaminate the city. Apparently, they failed. Now, Private Military Companies have moved in in an attempt to control what’s left of the city.

Dirty Bomb is a return to Splash Damage’s classic FPS PC feel that offers “run ‘n gun” action as well as asymmetrical team-play. Players will be able to choose from a wide variety of Mercenaries, such as the mini-gun wielding foul-mouthed bruiser Rhino, or Proxy, the more agile Merc who prefers to drop mines to take out her enemies. Each Merc has their own unique abilities and load-outs, ensuring players will find just the right character for their play style.

Dirty Bomb will have both 5v5 and 8v8 multiplayer matches available across two game modes: Objective and Stop-Watch. The game is free-to-play and will be released on PC in 2015.

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