Chatty Twitch Highlights 38: Alien: Isolation and a great big convoy

With the big time fall releases continuing to pour in, you can beat the Chatty community is taking a good look at them and put their exploits up on Twitch. This week, we check out Sapiens and one of the highlights from his excursion into Alien: Isolation. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go well for him. Also, we check out the weekly Battlefield 4 Shackbattle, as well as the continuing travels of the Shack Convoy in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.

Alien: Isolation

No need to worry about the repeat of another Colonial Marines mess. Alien: Isolation is the real deal, offering the kind of tension that an Alien game should offer. Many have tried and failed to escape the relentless Xenomorph and Sapiens is the latest victim. Watch as he tries (and fails) to hide from the extraterrestrial terror.

Watch live video from SapiensTV on Twitch

Battlefield 4

Now that Battlefield 4 is seeing a Shack revival, thanks to its fall patch, it's time to once again highlight the weekly Battlefield 4 Shackbattle. Watch as everyone plays through the game with no trouble at all. (Well, except maybe for some occasional issues with Hemtroll, which can be troublesome since he's the one capturing the footage. Yikes!)

Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Cause we got a great big convoy
Rockin' through the night.
Yeah, we got a great big convoy,
Ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Ain't nothin' gonna get in our way.
We gonna roll this truckin' convoy
'Cross the U-S-A.

So yes, please join our Shacknews convoy as it trucks all the way across the USA Amsterdam and Bratislava. Follow Hemtroll and the rest of the Chatty convoy as they share war stories and try not to run red lights on their way to their destination.

Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch
Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch

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