Geometry Wars 3 producer talks about what's new in the series

It's been a long time since the world was graced with the simplistic beauty that is Geometry Wars. Though Bizarre Creations sadly no longer exists, Activision is passing the series baton over to Lucid Games, many of whom are Bizarre alumni, themselves. Shacknews took a moment to catch up Lucid's Nick Davies during Gamescom to talk about the next game in the series, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

"The goals really were to produce a true sequel to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved," Davies told Shacknews. "We didn't just want to make a few more levels and a few extra game modes. We wanted to do something that was really worthy of being an entry to the Geometry Wars franchise. We really thought about what would make up different ideas that the guys had over the last six or seven years about how they'd like to improve and take Geometry Wars forward."

Davies goes on to talk about the new 3D playing fields and textures, as well as the expanded single-player experience, online competitive multiplayer, and local four-player multiplayer. To learn more about Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, check out the video below.