Rumor: GameStop preparing to introduce a credit card

GameStop appears to be preparing its own special little credit card for availability sometime later this year. 

Some purportedly leaked documents reported by Destructoid give the details. The credit card allows customers to make purchases that automatically calculates points into the PowerUp Rewards program, enabling them to earn points much more quickly towards physical rewards and discounts. 5,000 points are awarded for anyone who signs up with a Basic membership, while Pro members can earn 15,000 points. Exclusive offers are also expected to be available through the card.

However, there's a catch. The interest rate on the card is a staggering 26.99 percent. That's over double the usual market average of 13 percent. There may be a chance GameStop could offer lesser rates as part of a promotion, but, for now, that appears to be the norm.

The company has not formally announced the card, but if the documents are legitimate we should be hearing about it soon.