Respawn to stream Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC gameplay. Watch it here! [Update: Coming July 31]

Update: The Titanfall stream is wrapping up. Here's what we've come away with so far.

1. The Frontier's Edge DLC will be available on July 31.

2. The Black Market being added in the next update will use in-game currency to buy Burn Card packs, emblems, etc. Black Market currency can be earned through achievements, daily challenges, and discarding excess Burn Cards.

3. New achievements will be added with the next update.

4. Multi-GPU support is being added for PC users.

5. Patch notes will be posted next week.

6. Gen 1 players (launch players) will get a special emblem to indicate their status as early adopters.

7. Marked for Death and other "limited time only" game modes will remain available in Private Matches, even after they're taken out of public playlists.

8. Framerate and performance optimizations are coming in the next patch, addressing issues like screen tearing across both Xbox One and PC.

The team then played through the game's three maps. Here are some brief impressions.

Export: A mining town filled with warehouses and zip lines connecting them. The map includes electric fences as hazards to Pilots and Titans. Choke points are located along the bottom of the map.

Haven: A futuristic city setting, with towering hotel resorts. Respawn described it as "Space Vegas." Hotels and nightclubs are large enough that they fit Titans along the bottom floor, while Pilots can scramble up each story and do battle in individual rooms.

Dig Site: An open map that takes place in a mining area. Construction equipment and facilities are built over a barren planet. Respawn says that it adds a "Total Recall" vibe.

For more, watch the archived stream below.

Original story: Respawn is preparing to deploy the next piece of Titanfall's planned Season Pass content. Frontier's Edge looks to add another three maps to the mech-based shooter, though there hasn't been a lot revealed in terms of gameplay. That's about to change today.

The studio is taking to their Twitch channel today to show off Frontier's Edge's three maps: Dig Site, Haven, and Export. The presentation will then be followed by a live Q&A from the developers. A release date is also likely to be announced, so if you're eager for more Titanfall action, be sure to watch the live stream below.

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