League of Legends ushers in 'A New Dawn' with new cinematic trailer

Now that The International is in the books and the competitive gaming world still has Dota 2 on the brain, Riot Games would like to remind everyone that there's another MOBA monolith in town. The developer released a new cinematic for League of Legends, putting forth their own champions on display.

While it may be curious that Riot is marketing their game with a cinematic trailer, studio co-founder Brandon Beck notes that such an idea better allows them to show off the diverse characters and their personalities. Given the success that Valve has had with similar cinematic trailers for Team Fortress 2, it's hard to argue with that line of logic.

"A cinematic of this depth leads to Champion discovery," said Beck. "It forces us to go deeper into understanding the characters that we're trying to portray."

Check out the full cinematic below and get better acquainted with the League of Legends cast. Once you're done with that, you can also check out the behind-the-scenes video just underneath that.