Doom: what we know so far

Bethesda welcomed all the QuakeCon attendees during yesterday's keynote, which was broadcast live on Twitch. Well, most of it was, anyway. The feed was shut off for the reveal of the new Doom, which had been touted as an exclusive reveal for attendees only.

Even after the reveal, the publisher kept its cards close to its chest. But based on leaks from event attendees, this is what we know about the new Doom so far. (From PC Gamer via NeoGAF)

  • The game is simply titled 'Doom' and will tell the origins of the franchise.
  • The story begins outside a research facility on Mars.
  • Enemies include mechanical, corrupt hell knights.
  • Guns will range from conventional to comically huge, including a giant double-barreled shotgun.
  • An emphasis will be placed on classic first-person run-and-gun gameplay.
  • Doom will run on idTech 6 and Bethesda claims it will support 1080p, 60 frames per second.
  • Enemies can be taken down by stunning them and stomping their faces in.
  • Outside-the-box thinking will be used for certain areas, such as ripping off a corpse's arm and using it on a handprint scanner.
  • Demons can likewise rip off your own limbs and beat you to death with them.
  • There appears to be no regenerating health.
  • Small enemies will swarm the player in large numbers. The demo concluded with the large demon from the debut trailer.

This is what we know of the game for the moment. We'll undoubtedly learn more about the new Doom in the coming weeks. As a reminder, the game is a long way from release, given that Bethesda is already planning to show more footage at next year's QuakeCon. When the game eventually does release, expect to see it on PC, at the very least.