Over 300 Shovel Knight cheats collected by Steam users

Shovel Knight has proven itself to be retro in just about every way. So it's no surprise that Yacht Club Games has packed their platformer with a slew of old-fashioned cheat codes -- over 300 of them, in fact. And Steam users have been working overtime to try and uncover all of them in a neat, organized Google Doc.

A Steam forum thread has uncovered the full list of cheats, but with so many of them available, the community is still working to uncover exactly what many of these cheats actually do. So far, they've found cheats that grant super high jumps, extreme speed, make enemies extremely powerful, and puts the game in "DuckTales" mode. There's even a cheat that replaces much of the dialogue with the word "butt," as Kotaku observed.

To check out the full list of cheats, take a look at this spreadsheet that the Shovel Knight Steam users have put together.