DC Universe Online 'Halls of Power' DLC introduces the New Gods this summer

DC Universe Online has battled across Earth for a couple of years, but the battle is about to spread into the cosmos. Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG will introduce Jack Kirby's Fourth World with a new DLC pack called Halls of Power, with Part I set to release this summer.

Halls of Power centers around the continuing conflict between the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis, taking the fighting beyond our own planet. Villains can join the forces of Darkseid and help Kalibak and Mantis search for a dark relic beneath New Genesis, while heroes can join up with Mister Miracle and Big Barda to stop them.

The update will introduce new Raids, Alerts, Operations, and League Halls. The latter feature will act as the main backdrop to the new content and will come as a free update to all players prior to the DLC's formal deployment.

Halls of Power: Part I will be available for free to SOE All Access members. Non-members will be able to pick it up for an undisclosed price.