SOE All Access membership launches today for $15/month

While Sony Online Entertainment's MMOs are free-to-play, the company offers subscriptions, entitling players to a number of benefits. Starting today, the company plans on doing away with game subscriptions, giving all paid members access to premium content across all of their games.

The new SOE All Access plan includes memberships to all EverQuest games, including the upcoming EverQuest Next. In addition, it includes premium access to DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, and Dragon's Prophet.

The $15 monthly plan not includes the premium bonuses for each game, it will also include 500 Station Cash each month, a 10% discount on marketplace purchases, and access to "exclusive promotions." All existing members will be upgraded to the plan automatically. Current All Access members will find that their membership will drop to the lower rate come April.

SOE's All Access plan will only be available on PC. Although some of these games are available on PlayStation consoles, a FAQ explains that All Access won't be available on consoles "due to the difference in platform structure and account management, SOE All Access membership." PS3 and PS4 players of DCUO, for example, will be able to stay in the standard subscription model and receive 10% off marketplace purchases.