Counter-Strike turns 15: A collection of glitches, fails, and mods

We've previously taken in Chatty's perspective on Counter-Strike's milestone 15th anniversary. But some of our posters opted to remember Valve's shooter by sharing some memorable videos. Some of them show off some classic glitches, memorable rage moments, and classic mods. There are also a few others that celebrate Chatty's legacy, showing off some classic CS gameplay from years gone by.


Poster CrustaR highlights one of Counter-Strike's hilarious glitches, in which a random player follows behind a teammate, only to find the door blocked. His reaction is pretty priceless.

Jeep madness!

Jeeps weren't always the most polished aspect of Counter-Strike. But while Jeeps could occasionally be buggy, the result could sometimes be total comedy, as evidenced by this clip from poster jane911. Look at that soldier fly!

Van camping

Campers rank alongside cockroaches and lice as the lowest forms of life, but it's behavior that you'll find all-too-often in shooters. CrustaR and Abcess thought they were so clever by hiding out in the abandoned van along de_dust. And while they angered a few Shackers along the way, they got theirs in the end.

Shooting for greatness

Counter-Strike was among the first shooters to be played competitively on a large scale. The skills of top-level CS players were second to none and casual players could only hope to emulate them. Posters peat and c0ucheh were among those thoroughly impressed by the original Frag or Die video, not only taking time to watch the best players in action, but also rock out to some Iron Maiden in the process.


Chatty moderator helvetica once ran a weekly Counter-Strike session, playing through custom mods and maps every Tuesday. One keepsake she kept around was this special soccer mod, in which scoring a goal would automatically kill the opposing team. Check out some of the action through the perspective of fellow Chatty moderator, thekidd.

Pimp my ride

Here's another custom game mode from helvetica, taking place on a map called de_porsche. As the name implies, players drive around Porsche cars (or reasonable facsimiles) and once they die, they continue controlling the car in an effort to kill anything that moves. The result was total chaos.


Before Left 4 Dead was a blip on anyone's radar, there was this special zombie mod that would introduce the undead into the original Counter-Strike. To complete the trifecta from helvetica, check out this playthrough of Counter-Strike soldiers mowing through waves of zombies.

Do you have a great Counter-Strike video that you've created or would like to share, as part of the ongoing 15th anniversary celebration? Share it with us in the comments!