Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: Act IV: Someone's Knocking to No Turning Back

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these Act IV missions: Someone's Knocking, In Plain Sight, The Rat's Lair, The Defalt Condition, Little Sister, Ghosts of the Past, and No Turning Back. Catch up with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of our Watch Dogs guide

Mission: Someone's Knocking

Get step-by-step instructions to complete the series of three hotspot hacking puzzles to trace the hacker.
Objective: Enter the bunker to analyze Iraq's data.
Objective: Trace the hacker. Starting the mission starts a cut-scene. Afterwards, you'll need to play the hacking mini-game three times, but with a twist. The screen will be interrupted at random points, which could cause your input to be missed. Some points may randomly become timed during the second or third hotspots. Points may randomly turn by themselves at the third hotspot, forcing you to go and fix them. The best way to spot these is to look for a line that isn't blue when the puzzles should be completed. First Hotspot: Start with the lower left point and turn it three times. Then switch to the lower right and turn it twice. Now go to the upper right corner and turn it once. Next is the point above it and a little to the left, which needs one turn. Go left and down a little, then turn that point once. The point on far left gets turned once. Then move up and right, turn that point once. Lastly move right and a little down, and turn that point three times to unlock the point at the top middle. Second Hotspot: Start at the middle near the bottom, but not the bottom point, and turn it two times. Go one point right and turn it twice, then up one point and turn it twice. The point on the right gets turned once. Go up, then right, and turn that point once. Follow left along the line and turn the next point once, then go left one point and turn it twice. Go to the lower left point and turn it twice, then start following the line upwards. Turn the next point twice. Go left one point and turn it once. Then go up, and right, move to the point on the left and turn it once. Now follow the line on the right and turn the point once. now the top middle point is unlocked, which brings you to the third hotspot. Third Hotspot: You'll have to act fast on this one, since it quickly changes to timed points. Hit the pause button to catch your breath when you have to. Start with the point near the bottom, but not the very bottom one, and turn it once. Go right and turn the point twice. Now move upwards with the line and turn point twice. Go right and turn the point once. Switch to the right, into the corner, and turn the point once. Now go up and left and turn that point once. Move left and turn the point two times. Go to the point left of the starting point and turn it twice. Follow the line upwards and turn the next point twice. Now go up and left, then turn that point once. Go with the line to the right and turn the next point once, then go move right and turn the point once to unlock the final point and finish the mission.

Mission: In Plain Sight

Pick up a fast car because you're going to need it to escape the police in this mission.
Objective: Take out the fixer.
Objective: Escape the Police. Pick up a fast car with good handling before starting the mission, and make sure it's parked by the stairs below the waypoint marker. Reaching the waypoint triggers a cut-scene. Dash down to the car as soon as it ends so you won't be identified, then speed over to the next marker. Once there, you'll have to pursue a van and take out the driver. Work fast, because the police are closing in on your location. Once the driver is down, escape the police, and the mission will end.

Mission: The Rat's Lair

Objective: Use the Profiler to find an access point.
Objective: Connect to T-Bone. At the coffee shop, pull out your phone and look across the street to find the hacking point on the right side. This will start a short hacking mini-game. Begin with the center and turn the point twice. Now go to the lower right corner and turn it once. Unlock the right point in the middle and turn it three times. Go one down, then right, and turn that point once. Unlock the point on the top right and turn it once. Go left a point, unlock it, and turn it left once. Return to the previous point on the right, turn it twice, then unlock the point at the very top. You now have access to the camera.
Objective: Lead T-Bone to safety. Head up the staircase west of the hacking point, but don't go all the way to the top. Use the camera ahead and scout out the area above for guards and hacking vulnerabilities. Don't activate anything that will draw attention, or else the guards will search the area, find T-Bone, and attack. Once you've used up all the hacking points, get ready to shoot. There's plenty of cover, so get behind then and eliminate the guards. T-Bone generally stays safely behind cover, so take out any guards that are gunning for him, and he'll live long enough to escape.
Objective: Kill all the fixers or escape. T-Bone drives off to safety, but enemies are fast incoming on your position. You can either kill them all when they arrive, or you can jump into a car and make a getaway. If bloodshed is your choice, then run back upstairs, get behind cover, and prepare for a fight. Driving will be considerably harder than previous escapes, because you won't be able the hack the environment. However, enemies will be able to hack the world and use it against you. So, unless you're very confident in your driving skills, your best chances may be to just shoot it out. The mission ends once you've either killed all the fixers or successfully made a getaway.

Mission: The Defalt Condition

Objective: Enter the Ambrose Theater discreetly.
Objective: Profile guests to get to Defalt.
Objective: Hack Defalt's server. Step up to the theater and hack the bouncer's phone and go inside once he's distracted. Now start profiling people on the dance floor. You'll need to hack several partiers before you can continue. Once that's done, go up the stairs on the far end, turn around, and look up to spot the camera. Hack the camera and point it right to for the next one. Direct the second camera up and left to see that third one and jump to it. Move the third camera a little to the right and you'll see the hacking point for Defalt's server. Tilt the camera up to get into hacking point that activates a mini-game. Start at the bottom lower left corner and turn the point three times. Follow the line diagonally upwards toward the right for the next point. Turn it once, go right and turn the next point once. Go right again and turn that one once. Now turn the upper left point in the "S" shape once. Move right one point, unlock it, and then turn it two times. Defalt's Server Hacking Puzzle Hotspot 1: Switch over to the center formation and turn the top point once. Then unlock the point to its right and turn it twice. Unlock the bottom point, then turn it three times. Go back to the top point and turn it three times. Now unlock the point to its left and turn it twice. Return to the top point and turn it three times. The point to the right of it gets one turn, and the go back down to the botton for one turn. The last point in the middle is unlocked and will take you the next hotspot. Hotspot 2: Start at the top half's lower left point, the one that isn't timed, and turn it twice. No go up diagonally to the right and turn the point three times. Following the line, go up and left, and turn the point once. Go down a point, unlock it, and turn it twice. Now go back up a point and turn it three times. Down two points, and turn it three times. Go with the line left and up, and turn the point three times. Continue following the line up and left, then unlock the point and turn it once. Now go up and right, unlock the point, and turn it three times. Jump down to the bottom row of the lower half of the puzzle and turn the middle point once. Return to the upper half and unlock the middle bottom point and turn it once. Go back to the lower half and turn the lower right point three times. Now back to the upper half, unlock the point on the lower right corner and turn it once. Move diagonally up and right, then turn the point once. Now go with the line left and up and turn the point three times. Up and right, unlock the point, and turn it once. Now go to the top row, unlock the point on the right, and turn it once. This unlocks the final point on the left and grants you access to the camera. Point the camera straight ahead for a cut-scene.
Objective: Chase Defalt
Objective: Fighter your way across the rooftop. As Defalt takes off, go up the stairs. You'll need to get over some boxes and some ladders to reach the rooftop. Disregard the explosions, since they don't do enough damage to be problematic. Take cover at the roof, and then eliminate all the gunmen. There are also snipers on the rooftops of nearby buildings that need to be dealt with. There's one on the right and another straight ahead. Once they're dealt with, run across the roof, down the stairs, and to the waypoint.
Objective: Chase Defalt and keep him in range.
Objective: Download the data.
Objective: Take down Defalt. Go down to the street and get into a car. Chase after Defalt and stay close, because the download stops if you get too far away. Defalt will hack the environment against you. He'll also take to using parking garages and side streets to try and shake you. Just stay focused on staying close, because you're not trying to take him down. However, once the download is complete, go ahead and take him out to complete the mission.

Mission: Little Sister

Objective: Hack the network to find Nicky. Go to the northwest corner of the building and get close to the waypoint without reaching it. Instead, use the doorway to start the hack without exposing yourself.
Objective: Take out Nicky's guard.
Objective: Hack the guard's phone.
Objective: Guide Nicky to a car. Tilt the camera to the right, then jump to the next one. Now trigger the explosive next to the guard and hack his cell phone. It will be time to guide Nicky to the car when the cut-scene ends. The guard hacks, such as exploding and disabling reinforcements, are randomly assigned, so this guide will stick to describing environmental hacks. Also remember that explosions will cause guards to search the area, so only use them as a last resort. Point the camera left and jump to the one in the next room. Tilt that camera up and jump to the one on the wall above. You'll see a guard on the right, one level up, but you won't need to worry about him. Even if he see Nicky, she won't be out long enough for him to register. Distract the guard directly in front of Nicky by hacking the forklift. Have Nicky go behind the left pallets when the guard moves to investigate. Switch to the camera on the far left side and get Nicky into the big red carrier container. Now go the camera above the yellow beam, on the right, near the middle of the room. Gen Nicky to go behind the red carrier container on the right when the both the center and far right are turned away. Now jump to the camera across the room. Move Nicky into the orange container on the left when the guard closest to Nicky moves toward the left. Change to the camera above, then get Nicky to the far right side of the carrier, where she's remains hidden from the guard. Return to the previous camera and move it so that you can see left of the yellow beam. Move Nicky to the street pipes when the guard steps away. She should be behind a wooden box with steel beams and a stack of palettes nearby. Now there's only one guard left in the way. Tilt the camera so that you can see the car. There are some large cardboard boxes by the stairs and a protector by the car. Hack the protector, then as the guard is distracted, get Nicky behind the boxes. Once she's there, activate the lift right in front of the guard. You may have to move it up and down a few times before it catches his attention. Get Nicky to the car as soon as the guard moves to check it out. She'll get in the car and drive off as soon as she's close enough.
Objective: Kill all fixers or escape. Whether you want to stay and fight or jump back into the car you came into to escape is up to you. Given how your car should be close by, the easiest thing to do is drive away. But no matter which you choose, succeeding brings this mission to a close.

Mission: Ghosts of the Past

Objective: Leave town. Avoid the Police. It's time to get out of town, but the police are actively searching for you. Unlike other police escapes, you'll automatically fail if the police spot you. There is no option besides sneaking through undetected, so there's no room for error. There's no set path, because the police patrol routes are random. Two things to keep in mind: Don't get on the highway, and don't stay in one spot. You need to keep going in a northern direction to avoid the helicopter, but you can deviate eastward to avoid the police. You can use the GPS to orient yourself, but don't use it to guide you. Always glance back to the mini-map for police activity and move to avoid it. Head far enough north to escape the helicopter, then start toward the west side of the Chicago. There usually aren't as many police on that side of town, but you'll need to stay vigilant. You don't need to get to the waypoint right away. To get through this mission, you need to move far enough for the white circle to appear on your mini-map, then get out of it. The mission ends once you've evaded the cops and reached the waypoint.

Mission: No Turning Back

Objective: Reach the Merlaut Hotel.
Objective: Eavesdrop on Quinn's party and find him.
Objective: Follow Quinn and the Mayor. Go toward the Merlaut Hotel and hack the panel when you've reached the waypoint. Hack into the camera above and wait for Quinn. Once he starts moving, change tot he camera on the far right, then jump to the next camera. Hack the device on the table and wait for the conversation to end.
Objective: Access hotel's network and disable security. Tilt the camera right and change to the camera in the next room. Then hack the panel to start a mini-game. Turn the bottom point three times. Then follow the line up and turn the next point three times. Unlock the bottom right point and turn it once. Return to the previous point and turn it once. Now go to the point on the top, unlock it, and turn it three times. Go down one point and turn it three times to unlock the final point on the left. With that completed, hack the control panel in the next room.
Objective: Infiltrate the hotel.
Objective: Reach Quinn's office. You can choose to sneak in or with guns blazing. If you want to go in quiet, then go to the south side of the hotel, where you'll find an access point, and hacking the panel unlocks the door. Nudge the door open, then find cover and access the camera in the hallway. There's a guard down the way on the right. Wait until you can see him, then hack the soda machine to draw his attention. Then take him down when he's close enough. Jump across cameras to get a sense of where the guards are stationed. Then go around the corner and hide in the next hallway. Get into the room on the right, then quickly go to the next room on the right. You can time it so that guards aren't looking at you as you make your way across. You'll need to adjust your movements according to the guard's patrol pattern. You might need to take him out as he gets close to the elevator room, or you could go into the security room to avoid him altogether. It all depends on whether he stays in the main room with the other guards or if he patrols around the elevator room. Hack the elevator, then quickly step to the side. There's a guard inside. Wait on the side and take him down as soon as the doors open. Then hack the elevator and go up to Quinn's office. There will be a cut-scene where you'll be prompted to perform a takedown. Be on the lookout for when Quinn turns his back to you. Shoot the guard on the other side of the room right after the takedown.
Objective: Fight your way across the rooftop. Ready some explosives and go over to the door that leads to the rooftop. You'll be using the explosives on the heavily armored enforcer. You can separate him from potential reinforcements by backtracking back to room and getting him to follow you. There may be a chance another guard may step in, but the enforcer is the main priority. Once the enforcer is dispatched, open the rooftop door again and hack into the left camera. Jump from camera to camera and use environmental hacks to eliminate as many guards as you can. Also, make sure to disable their ability to call in reinforcements. If they manage to call in a helicopter, use conventional explosives like grenades against the guards while staying behind cover. Then make a dash for the waypoint when they're all taken care of. If no helicopter shows up, but you've used up all your hacking options, use your gun to finish off what's left and saunter over the waypoint.
Objective: Find Quinn.
Objective: Profile Lucky Quinn.
Objective: Download the video.
Objective: Escape the hotel.
Objective: Escape the Police. Step into Quinn's office and go to the other side of the desk to locate the hacking point. Hack it, open the shutters, and pull out your cell phone. Wait for Quinn to talk for a bit, then hack into his pacemaker, then do it again during the cut-scene for the takedown. Now hack the point in Quinn's office and download the video. Once that's done, make a dash out of the office to the left, keep going through the exit door, and don't slow down for anything. This police escape isn't like the previous ones. Keep Blackout available and ready to take out helicopters. Go outside and wait for the helicopter to show up on your left and use Blackout to take it out as quickly as possible. Then run left, get onto the lift, and hack it so it lowers you to the ground, then use Blackout. Make you way left to the south side of the hotel, where the boats are. Jump into one and escape the scene. If you aren't able to disable helicopters, then you'll need to sneak left, get into a vehicle, and make a break for it. This is considerably more difficult than usual with all the cops around, but it's possible. Drive into underpasses to escape the helicopter, and quickly switch cars if the one you're in takes on too much damage.
Objective: Race to save Clara.
Objective: Eliminate the hit men.
Objective: Reach Clara. Get a car and drive to the next waypoint. A cut-scene will start as you reach your destination, and you'll have to battle a group of hitmen as soon as it finishes. Once they're down, go over the Clara to complete the mission. Congratulations! You've finished Act IV.