Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition makes transition to Steamworks on May 30

Microsoft is rolling ahead with its plan to discontinue the Games for Windows Live service. This, of course, stands to affect a number of games, including Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. Capcom has prepared for the GFWL service's inevitable downfall and has detailed a formal transition to Steamworks.

"As Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming out soon for Steam, we are looking to transition our current GFWL users over to Steamworks in order to provide the optimal level of support across the board for PC Street Fighter fans," Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas said on the Capcom-Unity blog. "We've been working behind the scenes to ensure that this change will be as seamless as possible, but for users who still wish to continue using GFWL, the game will still function as normal for the foreseeable future."

Starting May 30, current owners of digital copies of SSFIV:AE on PC will be able to download the game from Steam for no extra charge. Upon booting the game, players will be prompted to copy over all of their GFWL data. Those that purchased the game at retail can also download a free Steam copy by inputting their product activation code into the "Activate a Product on Steam" portion of the Steam client.

While this transition sounds seamless, it does come with some pretty major setbacks for anyone that purchased any of the game's DLC. Rosas adds that none of the game's paid or free DLC will make the transition to Steam, essentially requiring players to pick it up all over again.