Why Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive

After sticking with Sony for so long, Insomniac's hop to multiplatform with Fuse made sense. But its announcement of Sunset Overdrive as an Xbox One exclusive naturally raised questions. CEO Ted Price even addressed that room-dwelling elephant in the original announcement by specifically pointing out that the studio is still open to make games for Sony platforms. But still: why is Sunset Overdrive only on Xbox One?

The answer comes down to Microsoft letting the studio own the property. Insomniac grew tired of creating franchises that it didn't own, so it was keen on keeping its creations.

"We pitched it a few different places, and it was really important to [Insomniac CEO] Ted [Price] that we own the IP, so some of the conversations broke down over that," co-creator Marcus Smith told IGN. "With Microsoft, they just came in very energetic and excited to work with Insomniac, period. And we'd heard some really good things about them and some resources that they would be allowing us to have."

Drew Murray, the other creative head on the project, agreed. "Most publisher conversations begin and end with IP ownership," he said, "and I think [Microsoft] has been talking to Ted for a while, and at some point it was like, 'you can retain the IP,' and suddenly, it was a conversation point."