Sportsfriends creators explain local-only play

The delightfully simple Sportsfriends is coming to PlayStation systems today, letting you play rough, indie-styled approximations of sports with your couch buddies. It's strictly a local experience, which the creators say is an attempt to let players experience a piece of how it all came together at indie events.

"We know we're going to face [backlash]," co-creator Bennett Foddy told Gamasutra. "But for me, the whole point of the project is to recreate the feeling that we had at those events, which was super significant for us, and for other people as well."

He said video game fans can sometimes "feel threatened" by shifts from the norm, and he understands that.

"But what we're hoping is that the games themselves will be convincing enough, that after a struggle, friction, a kind of argument with those people, we'll win them around with the way that you feel--the joy that you can have when you're playing these sorts of games," he said. "That's the hope. Of course it won't work for everybody, but we just hope that for some people, the experience itself will be a compelling argument."

The team also felt that some games just don't work as well when you're sitting in your house alone. To that end, the team has joked that they should show players exactly why.

"We've been talking about doing a video of us playing Joust online, standing in different rooms, dancing around by ourselves," said Foddy. "I hope that point will be obvious to people, but maybe it won't be. We'll see."