Towerfall finds its largest audience on PS4

Towerfall creator Matt Thorson has previously expressed his gratitude for the Ouya platform, stating that it was "a great way to get the game out to a smaller audience of hardcore players, make balance changes, and get some early attention." But, the PS4 and PC versions have unsurprisingly eclipsed that first version.

"[Towerfall Ascension is] actually doing better on PS4, but it's still doing well on PC," Thorson told Eurogamer. "It's doing definitely well enough for me to support myself for quite awhile. That's really encouraging." The game has grossed over $500,000 thus far. (At $15 a pop, that's over 30K sold.)

Thorson adds that Sony is a large part of the reason for his game's success, noting that the company made sure to feature and promote the game at various opportunities. He also offers a theory as to why the game is selling better on PS4 than PC, stating that the local multiplayer environment is simply a better fit on consoles.

"I think it's just a console game, ya know?" he added. "People have controllers - it's not confusing to get the controllers like it is for PC - and people have it in their living rooms already. I think a lot of people still sit down with their friends when they play their consoles, whereas they don't do that on PC. Even if it's a single-player game, I know me and my friends will sit down and one of us will be playing a game while everyone else is just hanging out."

Thorson is not resting on his laurels, as he is continuing to work on updates for Towerfall Ascension. A new beta update was uploaded on Steam earlier this month and it's expected to hit the main game soon.