GameStop to increase focus on phones & tablets instead of video games

It may have "game" in its name, but retailer GameStop has announced plans to start increasing its focus on "gaming-adjacent" fields while lessening its reliance on video games. CEO Paul Raines dubbed the initiative "GameStop 3.0," saying that it plans on closing about 2 percent of its retail locations, while opening Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores instead.

The two GameStop-owned retail brands focus on selling AT&T-branded phones and Apple products. According to, GameStop plans on opening over 200 Spring Mobile stores and 20 Simply Mac stores--essentially doubling the footprint of both franchises.

By transitioning away from video games, the company hopes to be like other companies that have made similar leaps. Williams-Sonoma, for example, began as a kitchen equipment retailer that now owns Pottery Barn and West Elm. Perhaps the "stop" in their name meant that they were planning to stop selling games one day?