Weekend PC download deals: PAX East edition

It's PAX East weekend, everyone! Those of you out in Boston right now... are lucky people that I'm not jealous of at all. No, sir. But hey, I'm still at the home base and that means I'll be bringing you your PC download deals for this fine weekend. Why? Because those of us that aren't at PAX East need something to do, of course. Steam is offering a lot of deals this week, led by a bundle of Daedalic games. GameFly Digital is going in on Company of Heroes, while also offering some good deals on Devolver Digital titles. And GamersGate has a pretty good Telltale weekend lined up. Aside from that, though, there aren't many blockbuster sales to be found on this PAX East weekend. You can check out the full list after the break. Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Far Cry 3

Bundle Stars

Pay $4.99 for Europa Universalis III Complete, along with the Divine Wind, Heir to the Throne, Eastern - AD 1400 Spritepack, Western - AD 1400 Spritepack, Enlightenment Spritepack, Absolutism Spritepack, Medieval Spritepack, Music of the World, Reformation Spritepack, Revolution II Unit Pack, Revolution Spritepack add-ons. All activate on Steam. Or pay $3.99 for Jagged Alliance Collection (2 games + 6 DLC), Tank Operations - European Campaign, Tropico 3 Gold (w/Absolute Power DLC), Alien Spidy (w/2 DLC), Sine Mora, Sky Drift, Disciples III: Resurrection, Dollar Dash (w/3 DLC), and Dungeons Steam Special Edition (w/2 DLC). All activate on Steam. Or pay $2.99 for Rune Classic, X-Blades, Hoard Complete Pack, Ion Assault, Knights & Merchants, and Planets Under Attack. All activate on Steam.

Europa Universalis III

GameFly Digital

Use the code APR20OFF to get (roughly) these prices or if you're across the pond, use UKAPR20OFF.
  • Company of Heroes 2 [Steam] - $10.87 (75% off)
  • Company of Heroes [Steam] - $2.71 (73% off)
  • Other titles in GameFly Digital's Company of Heroes sale, including add-ons, can be found here.
  • Shadow Warrior [Steam] - $15.99 (60% off)
  • Hotline Miami [Steam] - $3.99 (60% off)
  • Other titles in GameFly Digital's Devolver Digital sale, including Serious Sam 3 and Foul Play, can be found here.

Company of Heroes 2


  • The Walking Dead Pack (Season 1 + 400 Days) [Steam] - $7.49 (75% off)
  • Poker Night 2 [Steam] - $1.25 (75% off)
  • Other Telltale titles, including Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and Back to the Future: The Game, are also on sale and can be found here.
  • Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition [Steam] - $20.00 (50% off) (Other Borderlands content also on sale here.)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [UPlay] - $4.99 (75% off) (Other Ghost Recon content also on sale here.)
  • AI War Four-Year Anniversary Edition - $4.25 (75% off)

The Walking Dead


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Get Games

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed


Risen 2: Dark Waters

Green Man Gaming

Use the code 9NXY7B-749QGZ-QIM2NG to get (roughly) these prices. Restrictions apply.


Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, Bridge Constructor, Type:Rider, and Ravensword: Shadowlands. Pay more than the average $3.92 to also receive Kingdom Rush, Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, The Shivah, Savant - Ascent, and Syder Arcade. Select soundtracks are also included. All games work with Steam. Also, pay what you want for Surgeon Simulator 2013, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and QWOP (Android). Pay $6 or more to also receive SpeedRunners (Early Access) and Garry's Mod. Pay $10 or more to also get Probably Archery. Pay $15 or more to also get State of Decay. Select soundtracks are also included. All games work with Steam, except for QWOP.

Bridge Constructor

Indie Royale

Pay $5.06 minimum for Humans Must Answer, Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love, The Chaos Engine, Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, Fields of War, Livalink, and a mystery title. Pay at least $6.00 for a bonus soundtrack album.

Humans Must Answer


As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

Divinity: Dragon Commander