There Came An Echo trailer confirms PS4 version for voice-controlled RTS

Iridium Studios' voice-controlled RTS, There Came an Echo, has been in the works for PC and Xbox One for a late 2014/early 2015 release. But now the studio is expanding into another platform, confirming a PS4 version with a brand new trailer.

"A lot of you might feel a little antsy about voice recognition," lead designer Jason Wishnov told PlayStation.Blog. "And we understand! But we’d encourage you to turn on your PlayStation 4 and give the basic OS voice commands a shot."

Iridium is also implementing 'command aliasing,' which allows players to customize voice commands to correspond with their actions. So you could set your entire list of commands to go with more colorful language, if that's your bag. The game will also feature full controller support, for anyone that would rather stay away from voice commands.

No release date has been given for There Came An Echo's PS4 version, but like its Xbox One counterpart, it is also expected to be a port of the PC version.