Voice-controlled RTS There Came an Echo coming to Xbox One

There Came an Echo, a voice-controlled real-time strategy PC game that received crowd-funding last year, is coming to Xbox One as well. The Windows version is still due in October, and the developer says it's aiming to release the XBO version sometime in 2015. However, it's expected to be a straight port, without many additional bells and whistles.

"Really, Kinect is just a microphone to us," Iridium's Jason Wishnov told Polygon. "We use a regular headset during development, and we expect a lot of people will simply opt to use standard controls. I don't even blame them, really. The Xbox One dash voice commands are bizarrely inconsistent. Our focus remains on the PC, so in that respect, I wouldn't expect the XB1 version to be wildly different. Still, optionally raising your hand to your ear to give a command seems like something we should put in there."

There Came an Echo raised $115,000 on Kickstarter, surpassing its $90,000 goal. It stars Wil Wheaton, and the player directs the military squad with the sound of his or her voice.