Grand Theft Auto Online: The High Life Update coming this spring

Rockstar has ambitious plans to continuously update Grand Theft Auto Online. Next week, players will be able to create their own original Capture jobs, in addition to the already-available Deathmatches and Races. However, that's just the first update Rockstar has planned.

Coming this spring is "The High Life Update." This expansion will add new high-end apartment options, the Bullpup Rifle, new wardrobe items, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle, and three new cars, including the Pegassi Zentorno. The update also introduces the ability to own two properties simultaneously. Finally, a new "Mental State" statistic will let players see how "psychotically unhinged" they are.

Upcoming title updates will also introduce "non-contact" races, which allow players to race against one other as ghosts. GTA$ payouts will also be adjusted, with more being given for completing races, deathmatches, and jobs with less than 4 players. GTA Online will also be updated with online heists this spring.

Finally, for gamers uninterested in multiplayer, there's going to be story mode DLC "later this year." Details are forthcoming, of course.