DualShock turns into motion tracker in PS4 version of Alien: Isolation

Love it or hate it, the light bar on the DualShock 4 controller is one of the more unique aspects of Sony's PS4 controller. Developers are thinking of new ways of using it to give players additional information. For Alien: Isolation, developer The Creative Assembly are turning it into the series' iconic motion tracker.

"Isolation takes advantage of DualShock 4's light bar to mirror the signal on the motion tracker," creative lead Alistair Hope told the PlayStation.Blog. "It flashes in-sync with the motion tracker's ping, increasing in frequency as the Alien approaches. It's especially effective when you’re playing in the dark."

Hope promises that other PS4 features will be shared later in the year. For now, you can watch this behind-the-scenes video that goes over some of the features described in our preview: