How PS4 will power Project Morpheus

Sony grabbed a lot of people's attention when the company announced plans at last week's Game Developers Conference to enter the virtual reality space with Project Morpheus. The peripheral is currently in its prototype stage, but creator Richard Marks took some time to discuss how the product will ultimately work with PS4 to deliver an optimal virtual reality experience.

"PlayStation 4 is one of the reasons that we can actually do this now, because the graphics horsepower it takes to drive a virtual reality kind of experience is pretty significant," creator Richard Marks told GamerHub TV. "It would have been hard to do earlier and, also, we needed the tracking technology and display technology to be at a certain point. So PlayStation 4 is the graphics driver."

Marks goes on to describe Morpheus as it's currently constituted, which includes gyroscopes and accelerometers within the unit. It also includes a camera to help track the LEDs on the front of the unit to help monitor movement. Combining the camera's trackers with Morpheus' internal sensors allow for the PS4 to create a tracking experience.

For more on Project Morpheus, including how PlayStation Move controllers work with the headset, check out the full video below.