Report: Titanfall sequel rights secured by EA

Electronic Arts has reportedly secured the rights to publish a sequel to Titanfall. The option is said to have been performance-based, and while sales data isn't available yet for the recently launched game, it has apparently performed well and helped buoy sales of Xbox One.

GameSpot bases this on an anonymous source, and an EA representative declined to comment on the possibility of a sequel. The source didn't outline the exact terms of the agreement, though, so we don't know yet if it allows for the possibility of PlayStation or Nintendo platform releases.

Respawn once said a release on PlayStation wasn't out of the question, but Vince Zampella followed up on Twitter to clarify that first Titanfall wouldn't be heading to PS4. That statement was precise enough to leave the door open for sequels. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen echoed that it was exclusive, but then later expressed confidence that "future Titanfalls" may appear on other platforms.

Titanfall is available now on PC and Xbox One. The 360 version recently got bumped with a small delay, and is now scheduled to drop on April 8. Check out our review for more details.