Zelda games have become too 'linear,' producer says

A Link Between Worlds may have been a sequel to a classic Zelda game, but it did a lot to change up long-held conventions in the series. In a new interview, series producer Eiji Aonuma hints that the Zelda series will continue to shake things up by going against "traditional" approaches.

"The recent Zelda games have been rather linear as I thought players didn't like getting lost, wondering what to do, or where to go," he said.

"However, I've come to question this 'traditional' approach as I felt that we couldn't gain the sense of wonder that existed in the original Legend of Zelda, in which you made unexpected encounters and where what used to be impossible would suddenly become possible," he told Official Nintendo Magazine.

His team is currently working on a new Zelda game for Wii U. While details have been scant, it's refreshing to hear that Nintendo is ready for experimentation. "We will, of course, continue to question and reconsider the approaches we have taken in the past without any reservations."