Diablo 3 PC on sale for $20; Crusader shown off

Diablo III may not have been quite what everyone wanted at launch, but after two years of patching, including a big revamp of loot recently, it's in pretty decent shape all right. With the expansion Reaper of Souls launching in a few weeks, now's probably the best time yet to buy the click 'em up, especially as Blizzard is selling it at half-price for a while, down to $19.95.

For those already in on the monster-clicking fun, Blizzard has also released a trailer delving into the backstory and abilities of the expansion's new Paladin-y class, the Crusader.

That's what you'll pay for the downloadable PC and Mac version in Blizzard's Battle.net shop.

The special price will be on offer until 11:59pm Pacific on March 23, Blizzard says. Reaper of Souls is due to launch on March 25. Look, see, here, meet its Crusader: