Outlast gets Whistleblower DLC for PC and PS4 in April

Was the original Outlast story not terrifying enough for you? Red Barrels isn't finished telling spine-chilling tales just yet, as the developer has announced that it will be debuting a new DLC prequel story called Outlast: Whistleblower this April on PC and PS4.

"Whistleblower will let you play as Waylon Park, a software engineer under contract with Murkoff and the man who emailed journalists around the world - including Miles - at the beginning of Outlast," states the Red Barrels announcement (via Joystiq). "Spending a couple of weeks at Mount Massive, during which he was unable to even talk to his wife and son in Boulder thanks to strict security protocols, Waylon developed a deep-seated distrust of the profit-motivated scientists and doctors leading dangerous and irresponsible experiments on their patients. Identifying with those poor souls fueled Waylon's anger, and set the stage for his unmasking of Mount Massive's rotten core."

In addition to telling the story of how Mount Massive Asylum came to be what it was at the time of the original Outlast story, the Whistleblower DLC also promises to tell events that followed Miles' story, essentially concluding the Asylum's tale, once and for all.

No price or specific release date have been given for Whistleblower. Outlast is out now on PC. If you own a PS4, the game is currently free to PlayStation Plus members.