Homage 'em up Broforce console release confirmed

If the world needed saving, which hero would you call: Conan, Indiana Jones, John McClane, Machete, Robocop, Rambo, or perhaps the Terminator? Well, why not all of them? That's the idea behind Broforce, a 2D shooty platformer with a cast including Bro Dredd, MacBrover, B. A. Broracus, and other bro-ised action heroes. Devolver Digital has announced it'll publish the game, and confirmed the once-dreamed console release will be a reality.

Developed by Free Lives, Broforce is an over-the-top explodathon, like classic run-and-gun games but with destructible levels, red barrels galore, and showers of gore. As well as a campaign which supports local and online four-player co-op, it'll have competitive multiplayer and a level editor t'boot. A free 'Brototype' is available to try.

Pre-ordering on PC for $15 will get you instant beta access. Broforce is due to hit Steam Early Access in March, then properly launch for PC and unspecified consoles this summer.

Here's a recent trailer showing the latest additions to the PC beta: Bronan, Brochete, and bees.