Rust's new 'CheatPunch' system banishes over 4,500 cheaters

Now that Rust is a zombie-less world, humans will have to survive based on their own skills and instincts. With that said, there's no room in this world for cheaters and creator Garry Newman is making sure that they don't prosper, thanks to a new anti-cheat system implemented over the weekend called CheatPunch.

Newman states on the Rust blog that the CheatPunch system has successfully banished 4,621 cheaters from the game's official servers. Those running their own servers can add the feature by updating to the latest version of Rust and punching in "-cheatpunch" into their command line. Newman hopes to add some additional anti-cheat measures in the future, including a special site where cheaters can find out exactly where they got caught.

However, Newman acknowledges that CheatPunch won't be a permanent solution. "It’s a stop gap solution," he says. "It's going to get rid of a bunch of cheaters, but it's not hard to get around (by design). We fully expect cheats to be touted as 'CheatPunch proof' quite soon. That's cool. We're never going to be finished fighting."

Rust is currently in alpha and is available now through Steam Early Access.