Xbox One headset adapter coming March, costs $25

There was outrage when Xbox fans discovered they could not use their existing 360 peripheral on Xbox One--including headsets. While Microsoft eventually bundled their official headset with the system to appease gamer uproar, those who used third-party headsets were left out in the cold. With premium headsets sometimes going into three digits, the inability to use those headsets was upsetting for some.

As promised, Microsoft is readying a adapter, which allows compatible third-party headsets to work with the console. In addition, you'll be able to feed in-game audio to your headset by connecting it to the back of Xbox One's optical cable via RCA cables. It'll cost $25.

For $80, gamers can purchase the newly-announced Xbox One Stereo Headset, also available in early March. The bundle includes the adapter and like the PlayStation stereo headsets, will allow gamers to hear both in-game audio as well as chat. You'll also be able to balance the game and chat audio levels to hear exactly what you want.