Square Enix cites Final Fantasy 14 in profitable financial report

It wasn't too long ago that Final Fantasy 14 was considered such an embarrassment for Square Enix that it scrapped it for a much-publicized revamp. The publisher's CEO apologized, the new creative director said it was a mistake to launch in that state--it was a whole big messy thing, you might remember. But what a difference a relaunch makes. Square Enix's recent earnings statement shows the company is profitable again, and it mentions sales of A Realm Reborn as a factor.

According to Square Enix's financial report for the nine-month period ending December 31, 2013 (via IGN), net income shifted from a loss of 5.7 billion yen (approximately $56 million) in the same period the year before to a profit of 5.2 billion yen ($51 million).

Operating income also shifted from a loss (4.9 billion yen / $48 million) to a profit (7.8 billion yen / $77 million). The company is predicting a profit for this year, up to 6 billion yen.

More surprising than the raw numbers might be what they have to thank for it. The report states that both software sales and operations for FF14 have been making "favorable progress" alongside revenues from console games in North America. The report also cites Sengoku Ixa and Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, a PC browser game and smartphone game, respectively.