Steam Machines available to purchase by the end of January

It's possible to have a Steam Machine run both SteamOS and Windows--it just isn't a particularly easy process to go through. While the notion of a Steam Machine with Windows is sort of self-defeating (you'll be able to play every Steam game on Windows, versus just a selection of Linux-compatible games on SteamOS), there's clearly some interest in making it happen.

Digital Storm has unveiled its Steam Machine: the Bolt II (pictured above)--a small form factor hybrid Steam Machine that features both SteamOS and Windows out-of-the-box. It's one of the many ways third-party manufacturers will attempt to differentiate their offering. However, one additional detail caught our attention: it will be available at the end of the month, likely in line with competing Steam Machines.

The Bolt II will go for $1899, which shows that Steam Machines won't necessarily be cheap. Of course, Digital Storm seems quite proud of their price tag: "We are not looking to compete with console pricing,” director of product development Rajeev Kuruppu said in a statement. Clearly, the statements means that some Steam Machines will be designed to compete with the $500 price point of the current-gen consoles.

Bolt II will be available at the end of this month, which suggests that the Steam Machine roll out is happening very soon.