Tomb Raider producer defends $60 Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider has gotten a price drop to $29.99 on most platforms, but the upcoming Definitive Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is going back up to the usual $59.99. Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos recently defended the decision, claiming the version is much more than a mere graphical improvement.

"If it was "only a facelift" AND we were only reselling it on the same platforms we'd already shipped it on, I would see your point," Amos said in a Q&A on the Eidos forums (via The Escapist). "But as we're selling it on a new platform, with a lot of development work put in to custom craft it for the new platforms; with the new additions for the aesthetic, the physics, the particles, the lighting--taking advantage of next-gen features--so I absolutely stand by our decision to offer up Definitive Edition the way we are. We'd love for every Tomb Raider fan to get to experience it on next-gen."

He said this edition is aimed at "folks who may not have experience [sic] it yet" on the current-gen consoles, but hardcore fans who have played the original should get something out of it too. "We wouldn't bring it to you all if we felt otherwise. You are the reasons we do what we do."

In addition to the visual upgrades, the Definitive Edition includes all of the downloadable content, a digital art book, six outfits, and a digital comic.