Skullgirls teaches typing with 'Typing of the Skullgirls' mode

Whether on a physical keyboard or a pocket phone screen, it seems typing is one of 2013's biggest crazes. Why, I'm typing these words right now! Video games are catching onto this retro trend too, as Sega dropped The Typing of the Dead Overkill, and now Skullgirls is joining in. The fighting game's getting a new mode, 'The Typing of the Skullgirls Encore,' which has players typing phrases to pull off Super moves.

The type-tastic mode reduces the damage of regular attacks and steadily fills players' Super meters, urging them to pull big moves. Going for a Super will pop up a word or phrase on screen, which players must quickly bash in. If they type it perfectly, the move does 150% damage, but it'll do regular damage if they mis-type a little, and if they screw up it'll only deal 10% damage.

Of course, the person doing the fighting needn't necessarily be the one typing, so proficient typers with poor Skull-fu can still join in the merriment.

Lead programmer Mike Zaimon revealed the mode during last week's 'Salty Cupcakes' Skullgirls event on Twitch (via Shoryuken), then people got typing away in demonstration matches. Go see! The mode's coming to both PC and console editions.

Skullgirls is facing a relaunch and name change in January, becoming Skullgirls Encore as it switches publisher and goes through a messy delisting.