Fez sells a million copies across all platforms

It took well over a year from its initial release, but the indie puzzle-platformer Fez has reached a million sales across all platforms. Developer Polytron announced the number and thanked everyone who contributed to its success (and some who didn't).

"Thank you for buying the game!" read a note on the official site (via Kotaku). "Thank you for stealing it! Thank you for telling your friends about it! Thank you for buying it again when it came out on PC! Thank you for boycotting it so well! Thank you for putting up with the bullshit!"

Fez will no doubt increase that number as it expands to even more platforms. Polytron recently announced that it would be coming to PlayStation platforms, including PS3, PS4, and Vita. A follow-up is still unlikely, however. After announcing Fez 2, creator Phil Fish abruptly canceled it. Polytron producer Marie-Christine Bourdua subsequently promised "other stuff on the way."