Quantum Break debuts first gameplay video

Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake appeared on this year's VGX to show off the first gameplay video for Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break. The video shows off more of the game's time anomolies, as well as new dynamic cover-based shooting mechanics. Lake adds that there are numerous time-based powers to master, which Lake says are inspired by games like Max Payne.

"This is absolutely an action game," said Remedy's Oskari Hakkinen. "Those folks out there that have played Remedy Games before, Max Payne and Alan Wake, know that we do try to push the envelope in storytelling and video games, but we do that in an action game environment. So this is definitely hands-on action game with all those cinematic moments, big effects, and whatnot."

We'd previously seen the cinematic side of Quantum Break, as the story revolves around Joyce and Wilder trying to overcome the evil corporation, Monarch. Remedy reiterated on the show that Quantum Break is expected to release in early 2014.