Gran Turismo 6 in-game currency priced: 1 million credits for $10

Yes, you'll be able to buy virtual currency with real money in Gran Turismo 6. But how much will it cost to hasten your way through GT6's 1200 car library?

Ahead of the game's launch on Friday, Sony has revealed the cost of buying in-game currency. For $10, you'll be able to get one million credits. Of course, you'll "save" more by buying more. For $20, you'll get 2.5 million credits. For $50, you'll get 7.5 million credits.

Of course, what can a million credits buy? Sony has been keen to point out that with one million credits, you'll be able to buy nine high-end cars, including the BMW Z4 GT3 11, Ford GT, and Tesla Model S. The Z4 is the most expensive of the bunch, costing 350,000 credits by itself. However, Gamespot noticed a YouTube video where one of the most expensive cars--the Jaguar XJ1--could sell for 20 million credits in the game. (Note: Given this video is based on pre-release code, pricing could change by release.)

Sony has been keen to point out that purchasing in-game currency is entirely optional. "We do not require players to purchase or use purchased in-game currency," a Sony rep told us. "As with previous installments of GT, users are able to earn in-game credits and unlock additional cars by competing in races or event challenges. The value of both items will naturally increase as the user completes higher ranked challenges and races, including online. Users have the optional choice to purchase in-game credits in increments of $1 Million through the PS Store to unlock content faster if they prefer to do that rather than earn them through gameplay."

Forza Motorsport 5 recently received a lot of flak from fans due to the unbalanced nature of its in-game economy. Microsoft attempted to defend the pricing, but ultimately apologized to fans and issued free cars to players.