Slurpee giving away free Xbox One consoles

Video games are trying to kill you. If you're like me, you've been eating at Taco Bell every day while drinking Mountain Dew in an attempt to win PS4 and Xbox One systems before launch. Well, here's another thing you can send straight to your waistline: Slurpee.

Every day until January 2, 7-Eleven is giving away one free Xbox One system. To participate, you'll need to collect points from Slurpee products and enter them online for a chance to win.

You can find out more about the sweeps here.

Slurpee points can also be used to win other prizes, which include a $200 Visa gift card, Xbox Live Gold memberships, Xbox Live Marketplace credit, and Xbox Live Arcade games for Xbox 360. If you do happen to win an Xbox One, perhaps you should invest in the free trial of Xbox Fitness to help burn off all these calories?