Need for Speed joins EA Sports label

The Need for Speed franchise is switching labels, away from EA's general gaming label to EA Sports. It's in the game now!

In many ways, the transition makes a lot of sense. The franchise has been annualized for many years already, and racing is already a sport. However, the main reason for the switch is to get new eyes on the franchise.

EA VP Patrick Soderlund explained that the move "could benefit [the series] from fresh eyes, could benefit from some different thinking." One of the reasons why EA Sports is such a good fit for Need for Speed is the focus on how games feel. "When you play a sports game, the controller in your hand will dictate how good the game is. It's all about player control and input and how it feels. It's a feeling, right? I think that focus on pure gameplay, is something that can benefit the Need for Speed brand in a very positive way," he told Polygon.

While the franchise may be joining the Sports label, it doesn't mean that the series will necessarily become more sim-like, with Soderland saying that would be "highly unlikely." And just because the series will be branded EA Sports, that doesn't mean Tiburon will be developing the series all of a sudden. The franchise is still being helmed by Ghost Games, comprised of former members of Criterion.