Heavenly Sword: The Movie: The Trailer

Why yes, Heavenly Sword is getting a direct-to-DVD CG movie. And now, you can see how it's shaping up.

The film stars Anna Torv, who voiced Nariko in the original game, but replaces Andy Serkis with Alfred Molina as King Bohan. At first glance, it appears the film is largely using assets from the game, making it not quite bleeding-edge. The movie will be out in June.

In an interview with IGN, producer David Wohl reveals that the film will follow the "overall plot" of the game, with one major change. "In the game you never actually get to see the true 'chosen one,' because he was never born. In the film, though, we introduce him—and give Nariko the task of getting the Heavenly Sword to him. This creates a driving element through the second act of the film, and places even more pressure on Nariko when everything falls apart."

Here's the trailer: