Heavenly Sword to get direct-to-DVD CG movie

Ratchet and Clank isn't the only Sony game to get a film adaptation. PS3 launch game Heavenly Sword will also be getting a CG movie adaptation--albeit a straight-to-DVD effort.

According to Variety, Blockade Entertainment, who are also working on Ratchet & Clank, will be working on the film adaptation of Ninja Theory's 2007 action game. The original game followed Nariko, a red-haired warrior that must protect the cursed Heavenly Sword.

A movie based on Heavenly Sword was mulled for quite some time, with Ninja Theory co-founder Nina Kristensen "considering opportunities in creating a CGI movie," back in 2008. However, after Sony canceled development of a sequel, it appears those plans fell through. The original game, although not a runaway critical success, was praised for its performances--particularly for Andy Serkis' motion-captured role.

Resurrecting the IP for a movie may give fans hope for a sequel. Heavenly Sword was last seen in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.