Path of Exile launch debuts guilds, new challenge leagues

The free-to-play fantasy MMO Path of Exile has battled its way out of a nine-month beta and has launched its final version on Steam. To commemorate this occasion, the game is launching with a slew of new features. On top of the new Scion prestige character, the game's 1.0.0 update will add challenge leagues, PvP modes, campaign content, and the player-created guilds.

Guilds will be able to chat across Guild Chat, which works between PvE and PvP leagues, and also purchase Guild Stash Tabs to hold stashes of items for everyone to use. They'll also receive points for member participation in events like races and PvP events, which can be redeemed for guild-specific rewards.

Guilds will also be able to take part in Path of Exile's new challenge leagues. The 1.0.0 update will debut Domination, in which shrines spawn throughout the world of Wraeclast and reward powers and bonuses when captured. The other new league is Nemesis, which is geared towards hardcore players, in which players are tasked with defeating rare (and impossibly difficult) monsters. The leagues are set to run until February 23, at which point new leagues will begin.

For the full list of additions, you can check out the Path of Exile website.