Democracy 3 brings functioning government to PC, Mac, and Linux

The United States government has been shut down for about two weeks, convincing much of the American public that they can do a better job running the country than the people currently in office. Coincidentally, indie developer Positech Games has just released a full version of their Executive Branch simulator Democracy 3, giving players the opportunity to play armchair President and keep their government a little more functional.

Previously in pre-order beta, Democracy 3 puts players in the role of President or Prime Minister with the express goal of keeping the population happy, the economy in good shape, and society in relatively one piece.

Curiously, the developer notes that Democracy 3 can't truly be won, citing that all political careers ultimately end in failure, making this sound like some sort of governmental roguelike. So yes, you'll eventually lose and probably wind up doing TV appearances like Bill Clinton, but at least your lawmakers can't be any worse than the ones in real life, right?

Democracy 3 is available now on PC, Mac, and Linux.