Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection pushed to November

With various ghouls, monsters and demons afoot, October might seem like the perfect time for Castlevania. The Lords of Shadow Collection would certainly fit this bill, but alas, it's slipped from its prior October 29 date. Now it will be coming well after the witching hour, on November 5.

Online retailers Best Buy and Amazon (via Joystiq) now show the North American release dates as November 5, coming just after Konami issued an announcement of November 8 for Europe. Shacknews has contacted Konami to confirm the date.

The Collection includes the original LoS, its Reverie and Resurrection DLC, and Mirror of Fate HD. The HD port of Mirror of Fate, whether part of the collection or not, will include a demo of Lords of Shadow 2.

Meanwhile, producer Dave Cox tweeted what appears to be a shot of Mirror of Fate HD running on a PC, saying "No comment," the cheeky little devil.