Curtain Call will be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's closing number

It turns out that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call's subtitle will be an appropriate one. The upcoming 3DS sequel to the FF-themed musical RPG will act as a swansong for the series, according to producer Ichiro Hazama. And as appropriate for a grand finale, it'll feature well over 90 songs from across the far reaches of Final Fantasy lore.

"We're thinking that we'd like this to be the final Theatrhythm," Hazama told Famitsu (via Polygon). "It'll be the newest, the best, and the final one."

This sense of finality means that Curtain Call will seek to be the most complete Final Fantasy musical experience, with more than 90 songs being added to the full track list from the original Theatrhythm. On top of adding more recent FF tracks, the game will aim to compile as many of the series' tracks as possible.

"A lot of rhythm action game sequels don't include the songs from the original game," Hazama added, "but with our project, if we didn't include tunes like 'Clash on the Big Bridge' [FF5] or 'Isn't It Wonterful' [FF10], you can't place the FF crown on that. So instead of just adding new songs, we want to have this game be the base upon which we add new songs and try to get as close to a complete song list as possible."

Curtain Call is scheduled to take a bow next spring in Japan. There's no word yet on whether the Theatrhythm finale will make its way to North American shores.