Tim Schafer explains Double Fine's lack of sequels

Tim Schafer and the folks at Double Fine don't really dabble in sequels, as evidenced by the studio's library of 15 original titles. It's not so much because Schafer has a particular distaste for them, but it's mostly because he often gets so caught up in new ideas that he just can't wait to make them reality.

"Honestly, currently the only reason we haven't done a sequel is we always have some other idea that we want to do," Schafer told Kotaku. He cites the studio's 'Amnesia Fortnight' game jams as an example. "If you look at the last Amnesia Fortnight, most of the games pitched were not genres we'd done before. There's something about our company where we like to try new things."

Schafer's received requests for sequels to many of his games, including Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. While he's flattered by the requests, he doesn't take them as a sign that a sequel is the best course of action. "If someone wants you to make a sequel, that means you did your job, that they want more. But it doesn't necessarily mean that's the thing they really want. They really maybe want a new game."

Schafer, however, doesn't rule out making sequels to any of his previous games. In fact, he'd relish the opportunity. "I would like to have a chance [to make a sequel] someday," he added. "Every one of our games is like, 'Oh, now I see how to make that game correctly. Oh, I have a lot of ideas of how to make those mechanics better,' or whatever. So I'd love to get that chance to do that."