Double Fine's latest Amnesia Fortnight opened to public vote

Recent Double Fine Productions fruits including Costume Quest and Iron Brigade were borne of the studio's 'Amnesia Fortnights,' where everyone sets aside their regular work to prototype wacky new ideas. Now Double Fine is opening that process up to the public, letting us slap down some money to choose which game ideas get made and receive those prototypes. If you've ever fancied a smell-based stealth game or Godzilla-inspired roguelike, you can now make that happen.

The Double Fine gang have come up with 23 pitches, and the four most popular will be made into PC prototypes. As well as getting those four, you'll receive the Amnesia Fortnight prototype of Costume Quest, and the experiment that became Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.

It's all run as pay-what-you-want through Humble Bundle so, as ever, a portion will go to charity.

If you want The Sims on a space station, scrap metal automatons, tracking animals, a hack 'n' slash with computer hacking, or sinister platforming, whip out your credit card and get voting.