Tropico 5 introducing dynasties and multiplayer

After Tropico 3 revived the city-build strategy series, Tropico 4 was a pretty safe sequel--not bad, but not bold. How pleasant, then, that developer Haemimont Games is getting creative with Tropico 5, announced today by publisher Kalypso. Spanning several centuries, it'll see El Presidente building a lasting dynasty, and boast four-player co-operative and competitive multiplayer t'boot.

Tropico 5 will run from the colonial days of the 19th century, all the way through to the 21st. Naturally you'll need to advance your tech through the ages, and early days will involve exploration and dealing with threats like wild animals and native peoples.

But, as no one lives forever, you'll need to build a dynasty too. Nepotism is one perk of being a dictator, so Pres will be able to appoint family to cushy jobs, like ambassadors and generals.

Tropico 5 is due on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox 360 some time in 2014. Hit the official website for more information, and check this teaser trailer: