Satellite Reign Kickstarter ends, hitting destructible environments stretch goal

It was looking ropey for a while, but Satellite Reign eventually blew through its £450,000 ($530k-ish) crowdfunding goal over the weekend. The self-declared "spiritual successor" to Syndicate Wars hit some fine stretch goals towards the end, so it'll boast environmental destruction, and music from Syndicate series composer Russell Shaw.

"We're funded and then some!" developer 5 Lives Studios said in a Kickstarter update yesterday. "At the time of writing the combined Kickstarter and PayPal total was £474,755.50 [$728k], just over £25,000 [$38k] short of the fourth stretch goal, which I'm sure we will reach in the coming months via PayPal."

Yes, if you missed the Kickstarter but still want to support it, you can do it directly through Paypal. If it hits that final goal, 5 Lives will add extra factions and city districts, and sign up sci-fi author Russell Zimmerman as the game's writer.

Satellite Reign is to be a real-time tactical cyberpunk cyborg 'em up like Syndicate, but with added complexities like classes, and an open-world city where you can hack and destroy infrastructure, win over locals with propaganda, and ultimately do as you jolly well please with your cybermen. It's expected to launch for PC, Mac and Linux in December 2014.

Yesterday 5 Lives also dropped a mockup of the interface for upgrading cyborg augmentations: