Satellite Reign trailer shows more of Syndicate Wars 'spiritual successor'

With only six days left on its crowdfunding campaign, somehow Satellite Reign may not quite hit its goal of £350,000 ($530k-ish). So, to stir up interest, here's a short new trailer of an in-engine "gameplay visualisation" showing how its cyberpunk city and squad-based tactical action may look, complete with a pleasing walking tank.

Satellite Reign's Kickstarter campaign only has £296,184 ($450k-ish) in pledges as I write, and funding wraps up on Sunday. It's at that point where a last-minute surge could push it over, or it could painfully fall just short.

Perhaps babies are upset it's billed as the "spiritual successor" to Syndicate Wars rather than the original Syndicate, pretending they don't understand that though Satellite Reign lead Mike Diskett worked on both, he was far more involved with the sequel.

The dream is of a squad-based tactical affair, like ye olde Syndicate games of yore but with far more freedom. It's set in an open-world city, where you can hack or destroy systems like communications, security and power, use propaganda, be all sneaky, or murder everyone.

Developer 5 Lives Studios describes this video as "Extended cuts and a few unused gameplay shots we created for the initial pitch video of how we imagine the game will play and look." It's all built in the engine the game will run on, Unity.